Dedicated to Making a Difference

SHFA is a registered charity which had its first meeting in November 1993.  A small group of local people had become concerned by the homelessness in the town and had worked to support Shelter before deciding to form a new organisation which was registered as a charity in 1994.

The organisation was run from a volunteer’s home (using the same phone number as the charity has today) and all services were initially provided by volunteers, who interviewed clients on benches in the town and completed forms over cups of tea in local cafes. The office opened with the first member of staff in 1995 and SHFA moved to the Roy Fletcher Centre in 1996.  Since then the organisation has grown with grants from the National Lottery, Supporting People and others but sadly the need for our services have also grown.

Today there are 4 staff who provide housing assessments, run rent accounts, let properties with our landlords and provide support.  Ways of working have changed, and technology has increased the possibilities for delivery, but SHFA has not wavered in its primary aim ‘to open doors for the homeless’.

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