28th September 2020

Tulip Project

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Shrewsbury Homes for All has launched a new project to serve both landlords and tenants.  Many people have lost their jobs or are on reduced hours and so reduced income.  This is leading to difficulties paying rent which is not good for either tenants or landlords.

SHFA has experienced staff who can help with:

  • benefit claims and ongoing variations to the amount paid
  • ensuring that all correct benefits are claimed
  • understanding of tenancy agreements and the options for both landlord and tenant
  • implications of allowing rent arrears to accrue for future options for housing

We believe that what is good for landlords is also good for tenants.  If rents can be paid, landlords are able to meet their commitments and tenants are securely housed.  If a tenancy has to end, we can assist with advice on options for future housing and finding good tenants for the property.  The benefits system can be confusing for those who have not encountered it before and clear impartial advice which is non-judgemental will help first time claimants to navigate their way through the process.

Following the initial advice and support, there will be options for our tenants to move to our ongoing support service and for landlords to join our existing rent account service, striving to ensure that correct benefits are received to contribute to the required rent.

If you think that we could help you, please contact us.